Thursday, March 17, 2011

I won a giveaway!

I haven't won a giveaway in quite a while - so I was excited when I won the giveaway for a Tuffo Water Resistant Blanket on sugarpopribbons blog!

You must check out the Tuffo website for all of their products! I'll definitly be looking into them.

I saw this box sitting in the living room when I got home from work thinking "What is that!?" It was shipped to my house so fast! I'm so excited to try it out - which will be at the end of this month since we're taking a vacation and definetly going to some beaches! It'll be nice to lay on this. It comes in this nice little bag (the brown part w/ handles) which is very convienient. The first time I tried to fold it back up into the original shape I failed miserably, but once I actually paid attention to the directions it fit like a charm. It's about the size of a pillow when it's folded up nicely into it's bag, so it's definetly going on vacation with me! Plus this summer at the lake it'll be nice to have, or even when I take my neice on a picnic. Can you tell I'm SOO ready for summer!? I would go unfold this and lay on it outside right now.. although it's a little soggy out there.. but this IS water resistant! Hmm ;)

Big thanks to Sugarpopribbons for hosting this giveaway! Be sure to check out her blog because she hosts TONS of fantastic giveaways (and she's a total sweetheart!!)

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